Looking Good Diving

Jamie Morgan and Cameron McVey released their  single “Looking Good Diving”, produced by Stock Aitken Waterman, in 1986. The duo were members of Ray Petri’s Buffalo gang, the highly influential fashion pack who, through their reappropriation of traditional and iconic archetypes, subtle sexual subversion, and keen mix of high and low, paved the way for a whole new set of paradigms in men’s fashion. You’ll find the Buffalo look well documented in the pages of The Face and I-D (provided you can find the back issues), but it’s a whole other expression of the group, in song and video, of which “Looking Good Diving” grants a rare glimpse.


2 responses to “Looking Good Diving

  1. I love this video and suggest to have a look at Mantronix’-Got to have your love -video for more great Ray Petri styling.

  2. “Buffalo” and Ray Petri and his gang were so influencial .I love all their work .
    Mitzi Lorenzo work too was unbelieveable.Mix that with “Mens Bigi, Japan” in the 1980’s and the whole Christopher Nemeth scene in Tokyo and you get this melted together UK/Japan/ tribal/polished look. ..the finishing touch being of course the white sock/black school shoe combination.
    Men never looked so good..

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