Ralph Lauren, 1982

  Ralph Lauren’s Fall 1982 Campaign photographed by Bruce Weber

Ralph Lauren’s steadfast historicism rivals the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano, it’s all been a part of his rendition of the American Dream: recasting the country’s modest heritage as the ultimate luxury, fueled by a stoic nostalgia. A reference to colonial America, with quilted patchwork and scenic motifs on sweaters, bleeds a high kitsch factor bordering on comedy. In anyone else’s hands you could be distracted by the hilarity of it all. But for Ralph Lauren, of course with photography by Bruce Weber, there’s a touching sincerity that really makes you want to believe. A humble decorative richness, a sense of humor, and a nostalgic nod to a triumphant past are all very potent ideas, then and now.


4 responses to “Ralph Lauren, 1982

  1. This is such an amazing blog. Pics+text wise altogether.

  2. i remember this campaign very well and have been searching for a picture of this same model posing in a suede shirt with large antique lace shawl collar. the shirt was brownish/sagey green, with very full sleeves. it retailed at the time for $500-$800 i think. i had cut out the picture and kept it all these years but it has mysteriously disappeared from my inspiration file! PLEASE please help me procure this haunting image.

  3. o it was not clothilde, i meant the lovely model with the blonde hair!

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