Dries Van Noten, 1991

Dries Van Noten’s first runway presentation…

“It then took another five years to decide to organize a menswear fashion show, which was for the Spring-Summer 1992 collection and took place in the basement of the hotel Saint-James & Albany in central Paris, on Friday, July 5, 1991. It was my first collaboration with Etienne Russo and I assume his first show as well. Rehearsals went smoothly. The soundtrack included an extract from the motion picture Moonstruck and That’s Amore from Dean Martin, mixed by Belgian DJ Koen Rogghe. The show – which I styled myself – and the venue had a deliberately amateur feel and was all rather well organized. Even so, at the end of the show we understood why a lot of models – mostly friends of mine – arrived barefoot on the catwalk: a dresser, taken with a crazy panic, had desperately tried to put the wrong sized shoes on them!

Afterwards, I was exhausted, yet relieved. Reactions from the audience were very positive and encouraging. I learned that journalists and stylists who attended understood my respect of traditional values versus my will to break with established codes and conventions. My approach to design today remains similar – though evolved.”

– From My First Collection: Dries Van Noten at anothermag.com

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