Zoran, 1982


“Wearing sneakers and no socks, white pants and a long beige cashmere and silk sweater from Zoran’s warm weather collection, Candice Bergen watched the proceedings perched on a platform along with retailers and members of the fashion press.

Zoran has expanded his collection of men’s styles, which are no more complicated than his women’s clothes. It is a natural development since men have been buying his women’s sweatshirts, Dawn Mello of Bergdorf-Goodman said.

With no collars, pockets hidden in side seams and a total absence of pattern, the clothes have all their style built into the cut. They are made in one size only, and manage to fit most people.”


One response to “Zoran, 1982

  1. Thank you for this post. When I was a young designer starting out in NYC I worked as Zoran’s assistant when he was just starting his company after he left the wonderful Julio(please cover him at some point!). It was quite an experience as he was clearly not the average 7th Ave guy by any means. His clothes are as modern today as they were in the late 70s.

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