Janus (formerly called Garmento) is an annual fashion zine printed and published out of New York. Its focus is on the contemporary and the historical, insisting that the two are one and the same.

What Others Have Said…

“The resulting dialogue is researched and directional. Garmento pushes forward overlooked moments in our recent fashion history, highlighting our minute attention spans and demonstrating the need for this publication, which I very much looking forward to seeing in print.”


“It’s just amazing to know there’s somebody out there retrieving the history of a professional field that often seems to be solely about the next season.”


“Jeremy Lewis, a 26-year-old trend reporter, concept developer, and fashion editor, decided two years ago to bring his interests together in magazine form. His semiannual Garmento, based in New York City, explores topics in fashion that he feels haven’t been given proper consideration. Inspired by his former mentor, the late fashion designer Charles Kleibacker, the first issue, published in February, examines what it means to be an American designer; the second one, published this fall, takes on futurism. Each issue approaches a theme from different angles, drawing from contemporary and vintage fashion, with broad-minded content presented with “a certain kind of minimalism,” he says.”


” Don’t worry, it’s not just loads of sepia photos of besuited gentlemen from the 50s, when ‘people really knew how to dress,’ or some bullshit like that. It’s also a fashion zine that doesn’t totally suck.”


For Jeremy Lewis, founder and editor of the new biannual zine Garmento, there is no difference between the past and the present. What he means is that if someone is making good clothes, it doesn’t matter if it was seventeen years ago or last month – it’s important, and it should be noted. Premising that the luxury of fashion can be found, simply, in superior design, great fabrics, and expert construction, it offers a refreshingly nerdy alternative to the done-up glamour of standard fashion media and shifts the spotlight onto the work and methods of designers, tailors, pattern-makers, and so on. The approach is historicist without being nostalgic: key and sometimes overlooked moments of the 20th-century are regarded in search of forms and ideas that are still relevant, whether their creator is Charles James, Versace, Jean-Charles Castelbajac, or Thom Browne. Happily no-frills, Garmento’s debut edition appeared on newsprint and eschewed color – it was just wasn’t necessary to deliver the issue’s message. But the booklet’s design is clear, the photography considered and the articles sharp and researched. This first issue explores the question of what it means to be an American designer today, making the case that American fashion is alive and well and can look back on a proud lineage beyond the familiar names. Lewis has three more issues clearly planned out, each one sure to confound pre-conceived notions of fashion, spelled with a lowercase f.

– 032C

Janus is edited by Jeremy Lewis and designed by Sandra Kang. Its web presence has been developed by Benjamin Moss.

contact: info@januszine.com

4 responses to “About

  1. dear jeremy lewis,
    do you also send garmentozine to germany?
    how much is a copy and how much will it cost to ship it?
    thanks in advance for your reply
    best regards
    joah kraus

  2. hello Mr. Lewis,
    I’m a reader from overseas, via fantastic man magazine.
    I like the concept of this fashion zine that especially named ‘Garmento’.
    Garment is my favourite word even than fashion.

    Tahnk you.


  3. Dear Mr Lewis,
    Congratulations on your fine publication , I am an avid reader of ENCENS magazine, Paris and thought that was the only publication dedicated in the celebration of style , old and new.
    Now that Ive stumbled across your magazine , I feel spoilt as i now have both sides of the atlantic covered.
    Do you also ship to Australia?
    Unfortunately I live there…
    Warmest ,
    Mia Veur

  4. Jeremy,
    Thanks for the shoutout in Vice.
    FYI, Duckie Brown has been going for 14 years

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