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“Other People” Screening at Jack Chiles

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Geoffrey Beene by Barbra Walz




“The nature of fashion is changing, and we have to find a new terminology to describe it. Fashion is no longer defined as a pretty dress. The important thing is how the dress works. I see my role as a designer as trying to make people’s lives easier.”

– Geoffrey Beene as quoted in The Fashion Makers, 1978

Donna Style

Having learned the ropes from the mistress of 7th Avenue herself, Anne Klein, she was well schooled in the ins and outs of sportswear separates where styling is as essential as the design itself. Fashioning herself into the embodiment of the easy, confident, and sensual Anne Klein woman — the working woman who’s style and class matches her ambition and chutzpah, Karan created a unique personal style of her own. Now shrouded in vaguely ethnic (by way of Tibet, I guess) drapery in olive green, ocher, and anthracite cashmere jersey topped off with wooden necklaces and bangles, her own style was once as bold as the feminist proclamations she built her fashion career on. Relentlessly keen, even in the late ’80s, understanding a new current of street fashion and urban living, she adopted her DKNY persona, full of the street swagger and boisterous bravado that only she could pull off.

Jamaica, 1978

Mr. Ralph Lauren

Morocco, 1989

Kelly Klein, Fran Lebowitz, Calvin Klein and other guests of Malcolm Forbes’ 70th birthday celebration.

Venice, 1930

Coco Chanel and Duke Laurino of Rome on Lido beach.

Acapulco, 1976

Halston having a fabulous holiday moment flanked by his infamous Halstonettes on a publicity tour for Braniff Airlines.