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Perry Ellis, Shoes

Perry Ellis Shoes campaigns, 1982-84

Isaac Mizrahi, 1989


by Elizabeth Cannon for BOMB Magazine

“‬Move your head a little to the right please‭…That’s great‭, ‬Isaac‭!”‬

As I enter the Isaac Mizrahi studio‭, ‬the designer is seated on a cutting table brightly illuminated by photo floods‭. ‬The phone is ringing‭, ‬the staff is readying for a trunk show the next day in Beverly Hills and evidences of work-in-progress are everywhere.

Elizabeth Cannon ‬Did you design the tartan chiffon fabric? ‬

Isaac Mizrahi ‬Yes. It is so wonderful to imagine Black Watch floating that way. Do you know the names of the tartans and the variations: muted, royal or hunting? The ones called muted, for instance, were buried for years in chests. So they faded. It’s this whole narrative. Now they’re actually produced that way.

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