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The Gap, 1990




The Gap, 1999

The Gap had hit a stride with their television spots, promoting their moderate basics as the impossibly cool items to have. These two commercials in particular, with their palette of neutrals and minimal styling, emit a refreshing restraint. It’s extraordinary that such provocative looks can come from such basic clothes — sophisticated and sexy to boot. Nevermind Jil Sander or Prada, the Gap would be minimalism at its purest and most compelling point of saturation.

Andy Warhol, 1993

Khakis reimagined with imitable cool –‘¬†such was this Gap advertisement¬†which was one part of a larger campaign featuring various icons (though none as subversively charming as Warhol) wearing their classic khakis. You see, tan colored twill chinos are actually cool. They are timeless, unassuming, and by being so they can ensure your own identity and perhaps a future of fame, to come through unfettered by strains of fashion. This would be a value. And so the Gap would begin its transformation of the generic and mundane into a feverish universal desire: the greatest common denominator of cool, just in time for the upswing of ’90s minimalism.